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Trans Resveratrol (500mg)...

Trans-Resveratrol (500mg) in each capsule 90 capsules per bottle Third party lab tested for purity - certificates attached

Trans Resveratrol 500mg...

✅ SPECIAL INTRO PRICE - NEW TO AMAZON PREVIOUSLY AVAILABLE ON WEBSITE ONLY - SPECIAL INTRO PRICE - BEST VALUE ON AMAZON ✅ HIGH POTENCY EXTRACT. 5greens Trans Resveratrol extract has a massive 250mg Trans Resveratrol Per Capsule extracted from 500mg of Japanese Knotweed. This is without any fillers or bulking agents unlike 95% of sellers who charge more then twice the price! ✅ NO NASTY CHEMICALS OR FILLERS - VERY RARE IN THE SUPPLEMENT WORLD - 5greens PRODUCT AND CAPSULES ARE 100% NATURAL - SUITABLE FOR VEGANS