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Musonic Fitness Trackers,...

Heart Rate & Sleep Monitoring --Your heart health counts! Many diseases are related to your heart directly or indirectly. Our fitness trackers supports continuous 24/7 heart rate monitoring, tracking your heart rate automatically, providing you with nonstop care for your heart! The sleep monitoring helps you to know your sleep quality and better your sleep patterns accordingly USB Charging Port Pedometer Watch -- No charging cable needed, simply remove the straps and insert the USB connector into any USB port. Last for 5-7 days after 1-2 hours fully charging Activity Tracking --All your sports data are tracked & recorded precisely with the advanced sensors of the fitness watch. You can see your steps, calories, distance, average pace, and BPM (beats per minute) more accurately than phones that you won’t hold during exercises. With its IP68 waterproof design, you can wear it while sweating & showering, enjoying the freedom of exercises