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nobrand Windmill Interactive...

❤Cat Toy Windmill :There are 2 transparent bins on the round blades of the windmill, which can place luminous balls, bells, and mint balls to attract the cat. If you gently turn the windmill, it will rotate,making the cat love its claws cat tickling toy device, all designs fit cat design,comfortable and entertaining. ❤With Catnip Balls and LED Light:Inside of the "wheels", there are two cups, you can put cat treats or catnip in,functioning as a food feeder. Besides we have a LED lighting ball included, which can attract your kittens attention. ❤Easy To Install: Sucker base, can be sucked tightly on the doors, floor, windows, under the table, wherever you want to put. Note: please make sure the surface is clean and flat before sucking, otherwise, it will fall easily.

Sunshine smile catnip...

【Latest creative design】 Our cute cancer-shaped toothbrush that attracts the kitten. The cat toy filled with catnip that makes the cat fall in love with her and actively brush her teeth by chewing. Playing with your cats with mint toys will help you build good relationships with them. You can also replace catnip with the bell or food to help cats chew the cat toothbrush toys. 【Safe material】 The interactive natural rubber cat toy, non-toxic, increased bite resistance makes the kitten toothbrush toy durable and safe. Don't worry that the kitten's prongs will break the toothbrush toy in two. To keep cleaning the cat toothbrush toy, please clean it before and after chewing cats. 【Thoroughly clean your teeth】 These bumps on the surface of the catnip toy help cats to clean their teeth. They completely touch the kitten's teeth when chewing, effectively remove the tartar from the teeth, massage the gums, remove the bad breath and maintain the cat's dental health.