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EasyGoProducts Perfect...

WOOD BOARD – Our board is strong and will last for years and years. Can hold up to 3000 pounds. Board is 30 inches long and 14 inches wide. Board is made from 9 Ply wood for extra strength. Made from hardwood, Poplar and Pine. Solid Grip tape top for better traction. Great for fitness, yoga, training and board sports. WOODEN ROLLER – The wooden roller is 4.5” X 16 inches long. Wrapped with rubber coating so that it can roll easily and not catch lint, dust and debris like other felt wrapped rollers. IMPROVE BALANCE - Designed to improve balance, posture, agility, stability and build better balance all while enjoying the challenge. Can do Exercises Like Deep Squad, Plank, Push-up, Bow Stance and Yoga Pose.

HIKS Products XQ Premium...

The Premium wobble balance board is ideal for injury rehabilitation, improving balance and increasing strength and stability in your core muscles. The two handles make it much easier to include upper body workouts, along with lower body ones as it provides a better grip when preforming exercises such as press ups on the board. The anti-slip surface increases grip while using the board. The rounded base allows for tilting and a 360° pivot.