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gerFogoo Agility Ladder...

VERSATILE: Suitable for Coaches, Parents, Kids and Athletes. Speed and Agility training is perfect for football, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, baseball, softball, track even offseason hockey. Set up hurdles and ladders for youth practice THREE LENGTH OPTIONS: 3m / 6 Rungs, 4m / 8 Rungs, 8m / 16 Rungs PERFECTLY SPACED RUNGS: Most agility ladders are made with thin plastic "adjustable" rungs that constantly slide around with every little bump or missed step. Our footwork workout ladder is built for performance with tangle-free straps and perfectly spaced rungs, right out of the box. A great gift idea for kids, coaches, athletes, or anyone else who loves sports training!

Sylvialuca Sales 50cm...

100% Brand new and high quality! Great for speed and agility practice Quick and easy way to set up a training course